Kiwat Kennell is a proud Torres Strait Islander musician who walks in two worlds as he creates an expansive array of musical expression to evoke emotion and break down cultural barriers

About Kiwat

Kiwat Kennell is a student of life, his gift for musicality a conduit for his own existence. Broken-hearted yearnings and triumphant awakenings permeate the melting pot of song writing that Kiwat continues to find himself within.

Following the success of his award-winning band, Key Hoo, a journey into a solo body of work has propelled him further toward self-actualisation. Having grown up on the roads of so-called Australia, Kiwat draws on his lived experience being a foreigner on Aboriginal land, before settling in Naarm Melbourne. This artist Kiwat Kennell, a Torres Strait Islander Ugaram Le, trusts in the path he walks, uncovering more with each step he takes.

In Kiwat’s music and live performance, you will hear stories told in a genre-blending kaleidoscope of sounds, using past experiences of strength, courage and healing to create an expansive array of musical expression. This artist invokes emotion and breaks down metaphorical walls, you’ll leave this show screaming fuck you to the haters, whilst high-fiving a brother for surviving!


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